Rock your Body


Hi Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! For the frenchies, what have you done in this long weekend of 3 days?!

That’s me just back in Paris after a 2h30 train journey!

You know I am living near the Canal St Martin?! Well tonight the Canal is full of lanterns (blue, white and red) in memory of what happened a year ago in Paris. I honestly still can’t get my head around; where does the world go?…

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Oh she’s a Goldigger


Hi guys!

That’s me at Charles de Gaulle Airport drinking a tea and writing to you while waiting to board. I know, I know, there’s better way to spend a Friday night ! 🙂 But that’s the price to pay to spend the weekend in my fav’ city –Edinburgh of course!- with my Other HalfE-! OMG I honestly can’t believe we’re gonna celebrate our 3 years together! It feels like we met yesterday! But hey, I’m not here to talk about E tonight 🙂

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