A fresh touch in these Curls


Hey guys!

It’s FRIDAY!! #finally 🙂 Big thought to the ones that are working this weekend…!

How are you? I hope you had a great day!

Today was super busy but I am so excited because in a couple of hours I get to be with my other half! We’re going to Madrid for the weekend; OMG I can’t wait! –haha, I’m like a child-. It’s gonna be good to discover another city together and to enjoy the simple pleasure of life!

Have you ever been to Madrid? If you have any suggestions to share with me, please go for it 🙂

What’s your plans for the weekend?


Today, I wanted to share with you the keratin cure I am doing. Indeed, since a couple of months now, I have finally stopped straightening my hair and I start liking my curly hair again! Yeap, I know, it’s about time 🙂

The only thing, is that after a year straightening them, trust me they were dying and ugly! As I had cut them this summer, they were already short; hence, cutting what was damaged wasn’t an option! That’s why I opted for a natural cure for my hair to help them grow and recover from all my bad actions 🙂 I opted for a combination of 2 treatments:

  • The pills Nutricap Croissance from Nutrisanté (2 pills per day) to help my hair grow
  • The pills Keratine Forte from Biocyte Nutricosmetic (2 pills per day) to give them strength

In complement to these products, I’ve bought the new line from L’Oreal. It’s not a shampoo like most, it’s a washing cream that doesn’t damage your hair. With it, I’ve bought their new oilcream for curly hair; and this product is a MIRACLE! It doesn’t give the “stuck”, “shinny” and “hard” aspect to your hair compared to other products! With this one, your curls are perfectly drawn and have a natural aspect 🙂 One of the managers at work asked me about my secret for curls like that 🙂 Since then, she’s using it and she feels the difference! You can buy this product in any shop! Also, as a proper moroccan girl, I’m using Argan Oil every night 🙂 Since I’m young I used to bring pure Argan Oil from Morocco; and more precisely from Agadir. However, since I’m in Paris, I am using a miracle product that gets closer in terms of quality to the proper oil from Africa! For those who wants to use Argan Oil, honestly, you should defo try the Argan Oil of Morocco from OGX! You won’t be disapointed! 


With all these changes, I can feel the difference! My hair is shinier and healthier! My curly hair is finally back and I assume them! At least I’m trying to assume it every day 🙂 Now, all I need is for them to grow! If you have any tips that makes your hair grow faster (with proven results), please share it with us 🙂 At the moment, I am using the hair-growth serum from Lee Stafford bought In Edinburgh this summer.


Ok so that’s me boarding; Madrid I’m coming !! 🙂

Have a good weekend guys! <3

Truthfully Yours, xx





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