A large jean and a red hat for a classy look

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Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well and you’re having a great weekend! ☺️

There’s nothing better than being able to find the perfect jean for you to wear it for a classy outfit or for a casual look! ☺️ Well, last week, I finally found my perfect one! A carrot jean from Stradivarius that I will be able to wear the whole season! And you, what is your « fetiche » piece of your dressing?

As mentioned above, today I’m gonna talk with you about the perfect jean cut I’ve been able to find last week. A carrot jean that will be perfect for the whole season as I will be able to wear it either with classy details for work or with casual clothes for a chilled outfit. 💁‍♀️

For this first time wearing it, I wanted to add some original details to change a bit the overall look of a jean. That’s why I added a classic white shirt also found in the same shop; I like the details with the bow that makes it more classy for work. Also, I added a gold belt to change from a black and classic one. That’s the first time I bought such a belt and I have to admit that I love it! Since I have it, I wear it with any type of outfit and I love it ’cause it’s adding, with just a simple belt, a classy touch to any outfit! Obviously, as you know it, at work, I’m always wearing high heels; working in finance and more especially in the communication department, you have to be class in any circumstances –which I love ’cause, I don’t know for you, but on weekends, I love wearing sneakers to be more comfortable, hence, the only occasion to wear my collection of heels is to wear it at work! ☺️ For this outfit, I wanted to add another original touch -touch that I admit doesn’t please everyone’s taste! 😉 But on my side, I like it: socks in heels -these heels are from an old collection of New Look but love them ’cause they have gold heels to make it more classy- is something that I used to do and I used to love it so I wanted to start again and this look was the perfect one to do it! 💁‍♀️And of course, to complete this look, I had to wear a hat -haha! You all know how much I love hats and especially this one: it’s a hat I’ve been able to design and create myself thanks to a workshop at La Chapellerie des Minimes in Paris! For those who love hats and would like to have a unique one that nobody else will have, I highly recommend you to go over-there for a workshop! Furthermore, it’s very interesting to see how such accessories are realized! To finalise this « original » outfit, I took my purse from Minelli which I love thanks to the fringe! 💁‍♀️ I know this outfit is different from all the other one but, what do you think about it?!

Hope you’ll like it and have a great Sunday guys! ♥️

Truthfully Yours, xx

Details of the outfit:

  • Carrot Jean from Stradivarius (actual collection)
  • Shirt from Stradivarius (actual collection)
  • Belt from Zara (actual collection)
  • Heels from New Look (old collection)
  • Socks from Monoprix (actual collection)
  • Hat from Chapellerie Minime Paris (designed and created by myself)
  • Purse from Minelli (old collection)

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