French touch in Edinburgh

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Two weeks ago, I went back to Scotland -my favorite country- to see my friends and have my annual week of fresh air! 🙂 Since I left Edinburgh 3 years ago, I’m trying to go back there at least once a year. Over there, thanks to my friends, the beauty of the city and the people, the mountains and the sea, I always manage to relax and disconnect from the speedy life of Paris!

While catching up with one of my best friend Julie, I’ve decided I wanted to start my blog again. Indeed, with everything that happened to me these last few weeks (you’ll better understand when I’ll publish the article about Ectopic Pregnancy), I’ve realized life was too short and I needed to start doing what I love -i.e. writing and sharing with others my passion for fashion! That’s how we ended up with Julie taking pictures in her street with this blue wall which I love 🙂

I’ll let you enjoy some of the captions we took of this “French style” outfit 😉

Hope you’ll like it and have a great day guys! ♄

Truthfully Yours, xx

Details of the outfit:

  • Top from Zara (old collection from last summer)
  • Trousers from Zara (old collection from last summer)
  • Bag from Primark
  • Bracelet from Hipanema
  • Rings:
    • The red one from Balabooste
    • The black one from Morocco in Essaouira

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