Gold makes me crazy


Hi Guys !

Hope you’re doing well today ; what have you done ?!

Because it’s freezing and raining outside, I thought sharing with you my addiction to gold and warm color could be a good idea 🙂

We shoot this look with my friend Perline during Christmas holiday when I was back in Nantes!

In winter, I love wearing warm color to help me passing through this depressive time of the year –especially now that the holidays are over! Also, I have to admit that since 4 years now I am totally addict to any gold-color items! Boots, sneakers, bags, candles, jackets, and even trousers –haha! What’s great, is that this year gold-colori is a trend; hence you can find items everywhere and for any type of taste 🙂

On this day, I was wearing my gold trouser from Zara –that I already posted on the blog with the high heels version (just here). In order to make it casual, I was wearing these shinny boots from Asos –I can’t stop wearing them, they go with everything!- and a basic black and loose jumper.

I love mixing colors, that’s why here, with this black and gold outfit, I had decided to wear this velvet dark green purse! I’ve found this purse just before Christmas in Zara and I thought “OMG I want it! It’s original and vintage as I like!” 🙂


I’ll let you guys enjoy your night and I hope you’ll like this outfit!

Don’t forget to share it with your friends <3

Truthfully Yours, xx







Details of the items:

  • Trouser – Zara (october’s collection but out of stock) – size XS
  • Jumper – Nafnaf (old collection) – size M
  • Coat – Asos (november’s collection and it’s on sale! Just click on the link!) – size 36
  • Boots – Asos (october’s collection but out of stock …) – size 38
  • Neckless – H&M (last year collection) 
  • Purse – Zara (december’s collection but out of stock online) – size 38
  • Headband – Asos (december’s year collection) 
  • Purse – Zara (december’s collection but out of stock online) – size 38

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    1. Thanks lovely 🙂
      I love mixing style together to make it more personal 😉 Glad you like it! <3

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