Green is the new black

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Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well and you’re having a great weekend! ☺️

I don’t know where you live but here in Paris, it’s pouring rain the whole weekend. 😩 Depressing… but rainy day means chilling day watching Netflix, cooking crepes and cuddling my cat –haha! And you, what’s your favorite activity when the weather is forcing you to stay in?!

Chilling or not, I still love writing on the blog and sharing with you my favorite outfit of the moment! 💁‍♀️ And today guess what?! We’re once again gonna talk about boots with this pair of green ones bought last year! I discovered this brand thanks to Instagram and I honestly had a huge crush when seeing this pair of dark green boots! I love this color that goes with anything. But most important, having short legs –thanks to my 1,59m haha– it’s easier for me when I find boots that don’t cut my legs! Those ones are the perfect size! Also, the height of the heel is the perfect one; meaning you can actually wear these boots the whole day without having painful feet, which is perfect when going to work! So today, I wanted to present you this pair of boots associated with a purple dots-skirt found in Zara last week. I love the material and the big bow that add some originality to this piece of clothe. ☺️ I used to not be a big fan of purple but this year, I’ve actually found so many original pieces making me change my mind! And you, do you like purple?

Also, I had to talk to you about this dark green purse! Thanks to Instagram, I had been contacted this summer by the brand Magnola to be one of their ambassador to promote some of their articles. That’s how I discovered this great brand and I found this perfect small purse with the perfect color to go with my boots! 💁‍♀️ You should take a look at their website, they have some great articles! And as a reward, you can enjoy a 15% off discount on your order when using the code “Sarah15“! 🤗

Hope you’ll like it and have a great Sunday guys! ♥️

Truthfully Yours, xx

Details of the outfit:

  • Skirt from Zara (new collection)
  • Jumper from Monoprix (last year’s collection)
  • Boots from Antoinette Ameska (last year’s collection)
  • Hat from Accessorize (old collection)
  • Purse from Magnola (this year’s collection – you can enjoy 15% off with the code Sarah15)

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