Oh she’s a Goldigger


Hi guys!

That’s me at Charles de Gaulle Airport drinking a tea and writing to you while waiting to board. I know, I know, there’s better way to spend a Friday night ! 🙂 But that’s the price to pay to spend the weekend in my fav’ city –Edinburgh of course!- with my Other HalfE-! OMG I honestly can’t believe we’re gonna celebrate our 3 years together! It feels like we met yesterday! But hey, I’m not here to talk about E tonight 🙂

Tonight, I want to share with you my love for these gold trousers from Zara! Clearly, a lot of you won’t like it –my sister already made her point :)-, but it won’t stop me!

Working as a Digital Marketing manager in a financial institution, I have to follow the rules in terms of dress codeeven though it’s really hard for me. This trouser is perfect to combine the working side of an outfit –thanks to the shape of the trouser- with my need of originality! And even better, we can wear this trouser in so many different ways: with sneakers (my Stan Smith will be perfect with it on “casual-Friday” :)), ballerina, derbies, heels and even boots ! Tonight, I’m sharing with you the boots with heels version; but just to prove you that it is wearable with everything, I will soon do a post with flat boots. #soonsoonsoon


To stay on the classy side imposed by the finance sector, I am wearing a white shirt and an imposing black neckless. As you will soon notice, I always wear large and fluid clothes; hence, the shirt is super large and long –everything I like! You can easily have the same aspect by taking an old shirt from your mum’s closet (you know the shirt she was wearing when she was pregnant ?!) –that’s actually what I’ve done!

And of course, because we can’t change instantly and because I love breaking the style and mixing colour, I had to take a “rock-style” jacket!


Wooohooo, that’s me finally boarding!

I hope you’ll like this first look and you’ll all have a wonderful weekend :)!

Truthfully Yours, xx







Details of the items:

  • Jacket – Zara (september collection) – size M
  • Shirt from my mum’s closet
  • Trouser – Zara – (october collection) – size XS
  • Boots – H&M – (last year’s collection) – size 38
  • Neckless – H&M(last year’s collection)
  • Purse – Forever 21 (this year collection; but out of stock … 🙁 )

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