On Sunday, it’s skin detox


Hey guys!

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend! What have you done?!

I clearly hope your weekend was funnier than mine! You’ll tell me, “not really hard to be when you’re ill and stuck in bed the whole weekend!” haha!

So yeap, because I’ve been lied in my bed for 4 days, today I’ve decided to take some time for myself and to take care of my skin! #guiltypleasure 

This is actually my kind of Sunday: skin detox, cocooning time, avocado toast and fruit tea in front of a movie 🙂 What’s yours?!


After all the food and alcohol excess we had during Christmas holiday, I don’t know you guys but my skin has suffered! Even more when you add to this combo the pollution from Paris –yay, #weloveparis! That’s why I’m amassing every new natural product I can find! Haha, so please don’t hesitate to share your secrets with us: I’ll be happy to discover new tips and I’m sure I won’t be the only one!

Last weekend I’ve made the best purchase of my life: an electric skin brush from Tati at only 6,99€!!! This is so efficient! You can use it for with product and it helps cleaning and exfoliating your skin.

So here is my Sunday routine:

And after, you just have to smile and you’ll be super pretty with your soft skin 😉


I also like, during my cocooning time, taking care of my lips! C’mon, admit it, it’s so annoying to apply your lipstick on dry and unsmooth lips!!! To do so, I exfoliate my lips with the perfect scrub from Primark, then I apply the night-balm from Kiko in order to moisturize at the maximum!

you can buy the items online when clicking on the products

And you guys, what are your skin routine?!


Have a good night <3

Truthfully Yours, xx






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