Purple boots and a yellow dress to put some sunshine in your life

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Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well and you’re having a wonderful day! ☺️

Summer is definitely over; yeap right now, I’m writing from my bed where I’m trying to get rid of a bad cold… Everybody at work already had it so I guess it was just my turn to catch the virus!🤒 Anyway, ill or not ill, talking about fashion is always a pleasure! ☺️

Today, we’re once again gonna talk about boots 💁‍♀️ Yeap, as you all know, I love wearing boots all the time and I love colored ones to add an original touch to any outfit. Last time I was presenting you my new pair of pink boots recently added to my collection and you all loved it; hence this time, we’re gonna talk about one of my favorite pair which is a pair of purple leather boots bought a couple of years ago when I was studying abroad in Edinburgh. ☺️ These boots must have at least 6 years old but I still love it and honestly, I have to admit that Zara’s shoes are good quality! When I bought it, I remember some of my friends who were telling me that it would be hard to wear it cause boots are sometimes associated to sexy looks … Well, I love mixing clothes and I wanted to prove that after all those years, I still manage to wear it without looking too sexy! I even wear it at work! 💁‍♀️ So, if you’re still hesitating about colored boots, I hope with all these looks you’ll finally be convinced –haha! Also, let’s talk about this dress! Thanks to Instagram, I’ve been contacted by a brand to discover their products. I don’t say yes to all the brands that reach to me; I only select those that have products I know I will be able to wear on a daily basis and that are in line with my personality and tastes. That’s how I got to discover the brand Batigel and I have to admit that I loved a lot of their products! But, as we’re all the same and money doesn’t fall from the sky, I had to make choices: I chose this yellow dress ’cause I liked the open back, the details of the material and the color! Color that is perfect with purple, camel, navy blue or even dark green; i.e. a perfect purchase that I’ll be able to wear the whole season! ☺️

Hope you’ll like it and have a great day guys! ♥️

Truthfully Yours, xx

Details of the outfit:

  • Dress from Batigel
  • Hat from Accesorize (old collection)
  • Bell from Asos (this year’s collection)
  • Boots from Zara (old collection)
  • Hearings from Balabooste (this year’s collection)
  • Bracelets from
    • Marweva Jewels (you can enjoy 40% discount with the code SARAH40),
    • Lea Perle (you can enjoy 30% off with the code Sarah) and
    • Boutique Deaa (a French jewel brand –you can enjoy 20% off on your order with the code DEAA20)

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