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Hi guys! I hope you’re doing well and you had a great weekend; long one for the Frenchies! ☺️

As you know if you’ve already read my article on Santorini, we had the chance to do a 3-weeks road trip in Greece last September. After having spent 3 days discovering the beauty of Santorini Island, we took our ferry to go to Milos Island! ☺️

After a turbulent crossing, we finally arrived safely in Adamas; the port of Milos Island. As done in Santorini, we decided to take a local bus to go to Plaka; the capital of the island and the city where our hotel was. We had decided to stay in Plaka rather than Adamas -where most of the hotels are as it’s along the beach- for the typical and authentic sides of the city. ☺️ We’ve been welcomed like kings by the owner of our hotel: a nice greek coffee with his typical chocolate pie, which honestly was delicious!

DAY 1 // Once our luggage dropped off at the hotel, we decided to go for a walk/trek to discover the country side. Just a couple of minutes of walk from Plaka, we found the famous Catacomb of Milos. Honestly, we bought our tickets to visit the site but, I have to admit that the visit isn’t especially worth it. It’s just underground catacombs and it’s very small. However, the landscape was impressive and so different from the ones we had seen in Santorini! Over there, everything was so green and mountainous. After this first stop, we found an ancient theatre with great marble pieces! Compare to the theatre we visited in the Peloponnese (i.e. Epidaure theatre), this one was pretty well conserved! After these 2 stops, we got lost into the mountains but found amazing places and a superbe creek; unfortunately, we didn’t had our swimsuit on us otherwise, we would have took a swim!☺️ Finally, after 3h walk, we found the beautiful fisher village of Klima! It’s honestly such a beautiful place with colored garage doors, etc. At the beginning, all these garages were used to stock the boats. Now that this fisher place isn’t the only one in Milos, the fishers have transformed these garages into small and cute houses where you can enjoy your breakfast with your feet directly in the water! Such a peaceful place! All this walk had tired us; hence, we went for a refreshing drink at the only restaurant of Klima: Astakas Restaurant. A bit wrecked, we went back to the hotel to get some rest before going for a visit of Plaka! The streets of Plaka are full of charms, colored, bougainvilliers and cats everywhere, etc. We loved it! At 6:30pm, we started our ascension to the Kastro -the highest place of the island and the most beautiful one to enjoy the famous sunset of Milos! This place is crowded every night but unlike in Santorini, there is a lot of space; hence you can still easily find a nice and quiet wee spot with a perfect view for this romantic and poetic moment! ☺️ And of course, after a busy and intense day like this, we were starving! Plaka has so many restaurant to satisfy every tastes! We ended up in a restaurant that was recommended to us by a lot of people and is reputed for its land chop: Archontoula restaurant; the food was delicious but the restaurant a bit too crowded, hence, the service not on the “rendez-vous”.

DAY 2 // After a great night of sleep, we decided to rent a quad to explore the island. ☺️ We found our quad for the same price than in Santorini (approx. 40€ the day). Thanks to the quad, we have been able to do full day of discovery of the most beautiful spots of the island!

  • The site of Sarakiniko: the famous white site with all its white rocks and blue water! This place was honestly breathtaking! If we had to choose our favorite spot of the whole road trip, we would definitely choose this one! However, it’s rapidly crowded as all the tourists are coming over there; hence, I recommend you to go early in the morning over there so that you can enjoy a swim and some sunbathing quietly! ☺️
  • Alogomandra beach and the port of Agios Konstantinos
  • The Caves of Papafrangas: amazing spot for an amazing view of the cliff of this side of the island. The water in the caves was just so transparent; it was impressive! However, you cannot have a swim over there; it’s too dangerous. 
  • The fisherman village of Pollonia: a cute village with very nice restaurant where you can eat by the beach. ☺️ We chose the restaurant Enalion, where we enjoyed some nice grilled sardines and a great greek salad –for a change haha.  
  • The Cliff of Tsigrado: one of the most beautiful spot of the island! The color of the water was just, once again, so impressive! It’s a must see if you’re visiting the island. 😉 
  • The beach of Firiplaka: perfect place for a swim surrounded by rocks with multiple colors! There are a lot of rocks from where you can jump like a child into the transparent water of the site. This place was honestly perfect for the last swim of the day and to enjoy the beginning of the sunset! ☺️

After this full day of discovery, we went back to Plaka and found one of the nicest restaurant of the island! A family tavern, typical, with an amazing familial service and some great dishes cooked with love by the grandad who’s also the owner of the place! We honestly loved this place and this dinner! Everything was perfect at the Taverna Oyzepi; the lamb, the tzatziki, the local wine and the grilled octopus on the barbecue were just a perfect end of the day for food lovers like us! ☺️

DAY 3 // For our third day in Milos, we had booked a boat excursion to discover some of the most beautiful parts of the island which are not accessible by the road. We had been recommended to book this excursion with Horizon Yacht; a company owned by a Franco-greek which provides high quality services and that allows you to enjoy an excursion without having too many people on the boat with you. We paid 80€ per person for the whole day, which included 3 stops in amazing places where we had the possibility to get out of the boat to enjoy a swim inside the transparent waters, unlimited drinks (alcohol and softs), 3 meals, an excursion inside some caves and 2 guides! We were a group of 12 from all nationalities and we had so much fun on our sailboat! ☺️ If you’re looking for a boat excursion, I highly recommend you to book it with this company; there are a lot of companies that provide this type of trip but the quality is not alway on the rendez-vous! Thanks to this excursion, we have been able to discover: the Cape of Vani, the Bay of Aghios Ioannis, the Cave of Sykia, and the famous Cliff of Kleftiko! This boat day was honestly perfect! And for those who have see sickness, don’t worry, I have it too and I have actually been great during the whole day; I took some medicine and as it was a sailboat, we were all the time outside which helps a lot for sickness. 😉 After this great day being outside, we didn’t want to go too far for dinner; hence, we decided to go to the same restaurant we had done the previous night; as we enjoyed the food, the service, and the simple atmosphere!

DAY 4 // For our last full day in Milos, we had decided to change hotel to be closer to the port for our early ferry the next morning; hence, we left Plaka to stay in Adamas for a night. This decision was actually a great choice as it allowed us to have a more quiet and chill day and to visit Adamas which we hadn’t had the chance to explore during the 3 days before. As we didn’t had the quad anymore and as a lot of people had recommended us to try the local beach of Adamas we spent the day in Papikinou (only 1O minutes walk from Adamas city centre). These recommendations for this beach were justified, it’s actually a really nice and natural one, with a lot of space, trees, etc. We loved it! Furthermore, the location of the beach was perfect for our restaurant of the day! We, since the beginning, wanted to try the great tavern: Oh Hamos! However, as this restaurant is a family tavern which is really famous, they don’t accept bookings, hence, every day starting at 4:30pm, the restaurant is getting full and the queue keeps growing until late at night! So the only option we had to be able to try this great place was to stay at the beach in front of the restaurant and to have a super late lunch! 😉

This last day in Milos was just a perfect ending to a great stay in this island!

To sum up, Milos Island is definitely our favorite island of the whole trip! There are so many different types of landscapes: mountains, forests, beaches, creek, cliff, etc! Honestly, while writing to you, I still have sparkles in my eyes when thinking about this stay! I recommend you this island, trust me, you won’t be disappointed ☺️.

Stay Tuned to discover our last stop of the road trip: Paros Island!

I hope this article will give you the desire to discover this wonderful and beautiful island! ♥️

Truthfully Yours, xx

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