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Hi guys! I hope you’re doing well and you had a lovely weekend! ☺️

As you know if you’ve already read my articles on Santorini and Milos, we had the chance to do a 3-weeks road trip in Greece last September. After having spent 3 days discovering the beauty of Santorini Island and 4 days exploring our favorite island Milos, we took our third ferry to go to Paros Island! ☺️

After an early cruise, we finally arrived in Parikia; the port and main city of Paros Island. This time, we did not have to take a local bus to go to our hotel as we decided to book a very nice one in the city center of Parikia: the Margarita hotel. We’ve been welcomed like princes! Konstantin, the husband of Santa -the owner of the boutique hotel- came to pick-up us directly on the port to lead us to our room! ☺️ After dropping us off at the hotel, we’ve been welcomed by Santa who directly invited us on the rooftop terrace to enjoy a delicious coffee and some nice typical cakes from the island. She explained to us how the hotel is organised, how everyone is usually meeting at night to enjoy a drink all together on the rooftop, same for the breakfast, etc. She also took a map and indicated us her favorite places to visit in the island! Nice recommendations and amazing introduction to a great stay!☺️

DAY 1 // Once our luggage dropped off at the hotel and our coffees finished, we decided to take a local bus to go the nice village of Naoussa (the island, from Parikia, is very well served and you have buses for every cities). It’s a very small fisherman village; hence, we had a wee wonder and then decided to take a small boat to discover the extreme north part of the island:

  • The beach of Kolimbithres: a very nice beach with rocks famous for their weird forms and transparent water! It was bit crowded and we wanted to take a walk to go to discover the natural reserve of Monastiri (approx 40 min walk)!
  • The Natural Reserve of Monastiri: amazing spot for those who love trecking but also for those who love quiet space by the water! ☺️ We had the chance to find a nice spot on the rocks to enjoy a quiet swim in this transparent water. Honestly this place was just so beautiful; we didn’t want to leave!

After this wee exploration time, we had to take a bus to go back to Parikia as we had been invited to the birthday surprise party of one of the hotel guest -that’s the proof of the amazing friendly atmosphere you can find in this hotel! To surprise her, the plan was to take a sailboat to have some drinks while enjoying the sunset. However, the weather wasn’t on the rendez-vous, it was too windy so we all went to enjoy some cocktail with the view over the sunset of Parikia at the Kakao Bar. This bar was very nice; it’s a cocktail bar, with a rooftop, an amazing view over the sea, etc. After a couple of drinks allowing us to sympathise with all the group of tourists that was staying at our hotel, we all went back to the rooftop of the Margarita Hotel to enjoy a delicious traditional meal! Santa had reserved the food to a reputed catering: we had some nice greek salads, a delicious moussaka and to finish two delicious birthday cakes! It was honestly a great first night in Parikia with all these nice people! ☺️

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DAY 2 // After a great night of sleep, we decided to rent a quad for 2 days to explore the island. ☺️ We found our quad for the same price than in Santorini and Milos (approx. 35€/40€ the day). Thanks to the quad, we have been able to do full day of discovery of the most traditional villages and beautiful spots of the island!

  • The village of Kostos
  • The village of Lefkes: traditional and authentic village with nice local shops, cute streets with cats everywhere and nice restaurant! ☺️ We had been recommended to go for lunch at the Klarinos Tavern to enjoy the best lamb chops of the island; unfortunately, we were there in the morning just after breakfast and the restaurant wasn’t yet opened. 
  • The village of Podromos
  • The fisherman village of Piso Livadi: also known as the most blue village of the island! This cute fisherman village is very small but also very nice! We enjoyed an amazing seafood lunch by the water at the Markakis Restaurant -very nice service and food! 
  • The beach of Molos: a long and nice beach famous for all the windsurfers. We didn’t stayed at this beach as we were looking for more “originals” ones! ☺️ That’s how we ended up at the Kalogeros one.
  • The argile beach of Kalogeros: if you’re visiting the island, this spot is definitely worth a tour! Indeed, on this beach you can enjoy a natural argile mask as the rocks that surround the beach are made of pure and natural argile. To do your own mask (you’ll see, most of the peoples on this beach are covered of argile 😉), you just have to:
    • find a small pebble
    • scratch the rocks with it to collect some pure argile in your hands
    • find a small hole in the rocks of the beach
    • drop your argile in it and add some water from the sea
    • then you mix everything with your hands to have a a fairly thick dough, not too liquid
    • once your argile dough is ready, you just have to spread it all over your body and your hair
    • then, you wait for it to dry in the sun
    • once the dough is dried (meaning your skin is crackling), you go to the sea to clean you up! And that’s it, you have done your own natural argile mask! ☺️
  • The ancient mines of marbles and quartz (near the village of Marathi): on the road on our way back to Parikia, we stopped and took a small path to explore the ancient mines. It was really nice actually! We’ve seen very old machines used to break the marbles and quartz in small pieces, we went down to a closed mines, etc. It’s not a “must see” in the island but if you have some extra time, I recommend you to stop and enjoy the walk over there! 😉 

After this full day of discovery, we were knackered! We just went for a quick dinner at the Koralli Restaurant (honestly, I don’t recommend this place, it’s more like a “cantine” and the food is not exceptional) and then went to enjoy some drinks with the rest of the people of the hotel on the terrace! ☺️

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DAY 3 // For our last full day in Paros, we had a lot to do! ☺️Bur first, after the delicious homemade breakfast of Santa, we went for a wee wonder in the streets of Parikia; honestly this village is very cute and you have a lot of shops if you’re up for some shopping! 😉 After this wee wonder, we took our quad and went to discover the south part of the island:

  • The Butterflies Valley
  • The beach of Faragas: amazing place with its colorful rocks! We staid over there for a while as we had found a nice and quiet sport hidden by the rocks; the water was just so transparent it was a pure pleasure! ☺️
  • The fisherman village of Alyki: a small and cute fisherman village where we had a delicious lunch by the water at the Balcony Restaurant
  • The beach of Voutakos: a long quiet and nice beach with savage trees for those who want some quiet time 😉 

This last day in Paros was just a perfect ending to a great stay in this island and obviously, we clotured this day with a last drink on the rooftop of the hotel with everyone!

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To sum up, we loved our stay in Paros Island, it’s definitely a place with seeing and most important, we have been so lucky to meet such nice people thanks to our stay at Santa and Konstantin’s hotel!☺️

Stay Tuned to discover our last stop in the Island of Spetses!

I hope this article will give you the desire to discover this wonderful and beautiful island! ♥️

Truthfully Yours, xx

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