Road Trip in Greece – Santorini Island

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Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well! ☺️

As you know, last September we had the chance to have 3 weeks of holidays and this year, we decided to discover some of the Greek treasures. Santorini Island was the spot we had selected to start this 19-days road trip! And we actually loved it; it was a great introduction to the greek culture and beauty. 🤗

After one night in Athens, we took a ferry direction Santorini. Once arrived in the port, we took a local bus to go to our hotel in Fira -the island is pretty well equipped when it comes to public transportations. I had hesitated for a while about the city we were gonna stay in; it was either Oia, either Fira. At the end, I had no regrets to have chosen Fira! This place is less expensive than Oia, there are more attraction and things to do, the city is the most animated of the island and it is central.

DAY 1 // Once our luggage dropped off at the hotel, we decided to have a wee wonder of the city and to find a nice place to eat as we were starving.☺️ Our first overview of Fira was perfect! We loved it at the first sight actually. The colors of the small streets, the sea view, etc. After a couple minute of walk, we found a nice place in Firostefani to have a traditional greek lunch: the grill house No Name where we had a delicious greek salad (actually the best one we had during our whole trip), the traditional Fava with some pita bread and a local salad with some local cheeses! Then, we went to explore Firostefani (a cute city just next to Fira) and climbed the famous Cliff of Catholicwe didn’t expected the weather to be that warm and to have that many steps! The 360° view on the top was just breathtaking! I highly recommend to climb this cliff if you’re visiting Santorini. 😉After this hard but worth it walk, we had the chance to enjoy our first sunset in Fira. The beauty of it is actually famous on the island and all the battlements of the coast are crowded of tourists waiting for the sun to go down! It’s actually impressive to see all this crowd of people arriving at the same time! As the battlements were full, the only option we could have to have a chance to admire this sunset was to find a bar with available seats on its terrasse! Unfortunately, there were no available terrasse! Luckily, when walking a bit further away to Firostefani, you can find places with spaces. That’s how we ended up to the taverna Katrin where we had a great view to admire the sunset with a nice glass of local wine.

This first day was a perfect introduction to a great stay to come! ☺️

DAY 2 // After a great night, we decided to rent a quad (we wanted a scooter but it’s no longer possible to rent one in Greece if you don’t have a driving licence for motorcycle) to explore the island. We had the chance to find an honest shop to rent the vehicle for 2 days: Moto Kostas (approximatively, for 2 days it’s 40 euros per day). As we knew we were gonna be away the whole day and didn’t want to be forced to have lunch in “catch-tourist” places, we opted for some greek snacks and sandwiches from the Bakery Svoronos; bakery that had been recommended to us has being the best of the island. ☺️ After all the logistic aspects being sorted, we started our exploration of the island’s treasures:

  • The Red Beach in Akrotiri: the colors of the rocks were actually so impressive and beautiful! However, if you’re planning on enjoying a swim and laying down on the sand, you have to wake up early as it is rapidly crowded and there’s not a lot of space on the beach.
  • Akrotiri White House: over there, you can enjoy an amazing 360° view of the coast
  • The White Beach: cute beach with pebble to lay down and enjoy the sun, surrounded by white rocks. This beach is more quiet than the Red one; hence, it’s quite nice to lay down for a couple of hours away from the crowd of tourists ☺️
  • The volcanic beach in Perissa: typical beach in Santorini with black sand and calm water; over there you can stay for a while as there is a lot of space.

We loved this day; all the places we visited were just wonderful and we decided to have a great dinner to end this perfect day. I had been recommended to try the Aktaion restaurant; we wanted to do it on the first night but as expected, the place was full and the queue super long even at 10pm! Therefore, we had to book a table for the second night. ☺️ Honestly, it was worth it, we had a great dinner experience over there! It’s a family tavern where you can enjoy some typical greek dishes revisited with a modern touch. If you’re a food lover, I definitely recommend you to try this place!

DAY 3 // For our last full day in Santorini, we had to visit the other side of the island (the north part) where the second famous city is: Oia. As we still had the quad, we went over there in less than 20 min (for this who have the time to walk, you can actually walk from Fira to Oia on the coast road and it will take you about 3h walk to get there)! I had to admit that Oia is a very cute city with small streets, lots of stairs and a great view. However, it’s the most crowded place of the island (and still though, we were in September so I can’t imagine how it is in July or August!), the streets are full of tourists and you struggle to walk as everybody is pushing you… That’s why we didn’t stay that long in this place; we just visited the city, enjoyed a lunch in a traditional tavern with fresh seafood and then left to find a nice and quiet beach away from the crowd! ☺️ We decided to go to Katharos beach which is a very typical creek in the island with pebbles surrounded by high rocks. The place was perfect and not that busy as it’s a difficult one to access!

After this great last afternoon chilling in the island, we went out for our last dinner. We had a wee wonder in the streets and we felt under the charm of a cute taverna not so far from the No Name grill house where we had our first lunch: the Taverna Kapari. Honestly, in this restaurant, we had the best meal of our whole stay in Greece! Everything, was delicious, the service was of high quality, the atmosphere was friendly, simple and quiet; just a perfect to end our 3 days in Santorini! ☺️

And that’s it, after these 3 days, we took a ferry early in the morning to go to Milos Island (#StayTuned, an article on Milos will soon be posted on the blog!). But to sum up, we had a great stay in Santorini, everything is beautiful and there’s a lot of things to see and do. However, after seeing other places in Greece, I have to admit that Santorini isn’t our favorite island ; but it’s a must see!😉

I hope this article will give you the desire to discover this wonderful and beautiful island! ♥️

Truthfully Yours, xx

Good addresses:

    • No Name in Firostefani 
    • Taverna Katrin between Fira and Firostefani (nice place to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine)
    • Bakery Svoronos in Fira (bakery with traditionnal pastries, salted snacks, etc.)
    • Aktaion Restaurant in Firostefani(traditional family tavern with delicous greek dishes revisited and with an amazing view over the coast)
    • Taverna Kapari in Fira (traditional greek restaurant with greek dishes revisited such as grilled feta with honey and sesame) –> this restaurant was honestly the best one we had during our whole trip in Greece! 

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