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Hi Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! For the frenchies, what have you done in this long weekend of 3 days?!

That’s me just back in Paris after a 2h30 train journey!

You know I am living near the Canal St Martin?! Well tonight the Canal is full of lanterns (blue, white and red) in memory of what happened a year ago in Paris. I honestly still can’t get my head around; where does the world go?…

This weekend home was just perfect! A cosy and chilled weekend with my family, friends and of course my Cat –Bibouche, I love her so much. A real break away from the madness of the city; just what I needed!

During these 3 days, I took the time to try to pose for the camera 🙂 Yeap, I am saying “try” because it’s still way too hard and painful to see myself and more especially to accept myself on pictures. I hope that through this blog, I will manage to accept who I am –the bad and the good– one day! You know, be able to live with yourself and to stop being scared of what people might think of you or to do what you think the society is expecting you to do?… We’ll see 🙂


Tonight, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite piece of my wardrobe: a red lipstick skirt that I bought when I just graduated from high school (meaning 7 years ago)! That’s the type of purchase that you don’t regret because you know you will always be able to wear it in so many different styles and for so many different occasions!

Here, I mixed different styles: the school-girl, the rocking-girl and the working-girl 🙂 I have actually wore this outfit at workyeap, in finance!


I hope you’ll enjoy it!

And, good luck to find motivation for tomorrow; mine, I don’t know yet where it is! <3

Truthfully Yours, xx







Details of the outfit:

  • Skirt – H&M (old collection; 7 years ago) – size 34
  • Jumper – Nafnaf (old collection; 3 years ago) – size 38 to have the loose effect 🙂
  • Perfecto – H&M (old collection; 4 years ago) – size 34
  • Neckless – H&M (last year collection)
  • Derbies – Asos (this year collection; but out of stock :() – size 38
  • Purse – Forever 21 (this year collection; but out of stock … :()

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