Sparkles in your life


Hey guys!

Hope you’re doing well today!

Before going to work and because this rainy and cold weather is depressing, I wanted to put some colors in our life 🙂 That’s why this morning I’m sharing with you this sparkling, loose and pink outfit I was wearing a couple of weeks ago. For once, this outfit is SUPER girly! Haha

It’s an outfit that you can wear to go out. However, if you just switch the high heels for a pair of sneakers (your Stan Smith will go perfectly with it!), you can wear this combo during the day and you will be super comfy!

I’ve always thought that because I was small (1m59), I couldn’t wear large and ¾ trousers. But hey, I was wrong!!! Small girls can wear these types of trousers 🙂 I’ve got this one from Zara. I love the material of it: a navy-blue satin.

To break the dressed-side of the outfit, I was wearing a loose pink-powder jumper with a striped shirt under and a loose white coatI love mixing every type of clothes and especially the ones we would never think would go together! What do you think of it ?!


Now, let’s talk about the shoes and my favourite part of the outfit: the sparkling socks –I can already imagine my sister looking at these pics and thinking “Sarah Sarah Sarah, your tastes are super weird…” haha!

I love sparkling and childish socks and I thought why not mixing it with a pair of high heels in order to break the wise side?! I have to admit it’s special but I like it 🙂


I’ll let you guys enjoy the pics and don’t forget: let me know your thoughts!

Good luck for today <3

Truthfully Yours, xx








Details of the items:

  • Trouser – Zara (last year’s collection) – size XS
  • Jumper – Nafnaf (old collection) – size M
  • Shirt – H&M (last year’s collection) – size 36
  • Coat – Topshop (old collection) – size 34
  • Socks – Asos (last year collection) 
  • Shoes – Topshop (last year’s collection) – size 38
  • Purse – Nafnaf (old collection) 
  • Hat – Accessorize (old collection) 

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