A large jean and a red hat for a classy look

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Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well and you’re having a great weekend! ☺️

There’s nothing better than being able to find the perfect jean for you to wear it for a classy outfit or for a casual look! ☺️ Well, last week, I finally found my perfect one! A carrot jean from Stradivarius that I will be able to wear the whole season! And you, what is your « fetiche » piece of your dressing?

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Un jean carotte et un chapeau rouge pour un look « habillé »

Hello la team, j’espère que vous allez bien et que vous passez un agréable début de weekend !☺️

Avouez-le, trouver le jean idéal est chose tellement difficile ! Et, il n’y a rien de mieux que de trouver ENFIN le jean à la coupe parfaite que l’on pourra porter avec n’importe quelle tenue et ce, pour toutes les circonstances !☺️ Et bien, pour ma part, c’est chose faite ! J’ai enfin trouvé la perle rare : un jean à la coupe carotte taille haute de chez Stradivarius que je vais pouvoir accessoriser toute la saison ! Et vous, avez-vous une pièce fétiche de votre dressing ?!

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Back to childhood with my polka-dots trousers

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Another photo shoot from Edinburgh 🙂 What I love about fashion is that you can enhance the beauty of any type of body! I’m the type of girl who has never been able to love herself and to have confidence in herself. However, fashion, and more especially selecting « original » pieces to wear it in your daily life is something that helps me to get over this lack of confidence. Is it the same for you guys?

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French touch in Edinburgh

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Two weeks ago, I went back to Scotland -my favorite country- to see my friends and have my annual week of fresh air! 🙂 Since I left Edinburgh 3 years ago, I’m trying to go back there at least once a year. Over there, thanks to my friends, the beauty of the city and the people, the mountains and the sea, I always manage to relax and disconnect from the speedy life of Paris!

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Sparkles in your life


Hey guys!

Hope you’re doing well today!

Before going to work and because this rainy and cold weather is depressing, I wanted to put some colors in our life 🙂 That’s why this morning I’m sharing with you this sparkling, loose and pink outfit I was wearing a couple of weeks ago. For once, this outfit is SUPER girly! Haha

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Shinny boots and white jacket


Hey guys!

How are you today? For the lucky ones that were not working today, I hope you enjoyed your time off! #jealous and #inneedofmoreholiday 🙂

On this 2nd January, I want to share with you the outfit I was wearing on New Year –I’m maybe, as well, trying to extend the holiday’s spirit! Haha!

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Falling for these Autumnal Vibes


Hi Guys,

I’m writing to you from the train; I’m on my way to Nantes for the weekend –finally going to see my cat again; I miss her so much! Honestly, taking the train the day before the Christmas weekend is the worst idea I could have had! Paris is getting mad on days like this!

This shooting was, once again, taken by Claire –my roomie for those who still doesn’t know her– down by the Canal 🙂

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Life in color is Funnier


Olà guys!

How are you today?

Personally, today was such a loooooong day at school! It’s super weird to still be in uni; even though it’s only 3 days every 2/3 weeks 🙂 Therefore, after a day like this, all I want is sharing with you one of my favourite outfit for this autumn –yeah yeah, I told you this blog would be my therapy! Haha.

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Rock your Body


Hi Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! For the frenchies, what have you done in this long weekend of 3 days?!

That’s me just back in Paris after a 2h30 train journey!

You know I am living near the Canal St Martin?! Well tonight the Canal is full of lanterns (blue, white and red) in memory of what happened a year ago in Paris. I honestly still can’t get my head around; where does the world go?…

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