French touch in Edinburgh

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Two weeks ago, I went back to Scotland -my favorite country- to see my friends and have my annual week of fresh air! 🙂 Since I left Edinburgh 3 years ago, I’m trying to go back there at least once a year. Over there, thanks to my friends, the beauty of the city and the people, the mountains and the sea, I always manage to relax and disconnect from the speedy life of Paris!

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Christmas is all around


Hey guys!

I hope you’re doing well and you all had an amazing festive period with your loved ones! What have you done?!

I’m writing to you from Edinburgh 🙂 –my Home Sweet Home! Unfortunately, I have to go back to Paris tomorrow morning; an early flight in the morning on a 1st January was definitely not the best idea I had! Haha! But I’m still here for one more night –the song is here if you want! haha, clearly you can only wish for me a big change in my music taste for 2017!– so let’s make the most of it!

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