Who am I ?

Truthfully Sarah - Who Am I

A few words about me …

Born half French-half Moroccan, raised in France and in love with Scotland where I lived for 2 years, I am a fashion and travel lover of this world who is currently living in the City of Love in France.

For those who doesn’t know me yet -event though my blog’s name is quite explicit-, my name is Sarah, I am passionate with fashion, I am a « weirdo » –as called by my friends– and I am -like most of us I guess- still trying to find out who I am and where I am going. I just turned 28 –oh God it’s still hard to admit it…– and I’ve just started my adult life; even though I’m still dreaming of going back to Peter Pan’s world. 

Today, I am writing from Paris where I have dropped my bags since August 2016 –after living in Edinburgh, my favorite city in the world. At the beginning, the plan was to only live there for a year to finish my studies and then go back to my Scottish land. However, plans don’t always go as they were supposed to. My student life being over, I have came to the realisation that I still had a lot to live in this city … and that’s how I ended up staying in Paris, signing a permanent job, adopting a baby cat -named Poca- and moving-in a new flat with my loved one. 🙂 

2017: the year of so many changes in my life!   

Always driven by fashion since my youngest age –little, my dream was to be a stylist !-, and eager to start my personal blog since more than 5 years now, I’m finally trying to find the time to properly do it. 

So here I am, finally taking the time to write and introduce myself : Nice to meet you! 

Why writing a blog?

I have to admit I have always been passionate with fashion –I think that’s at least the 3rd time I’m mentioning it in this text! Haha-, I love writing and, as hard I have tried to hide it, I think this blog is gonna be my “therapy”; and I hope a therapy for other as well.

« Therapy » is a big word but it is quite accurate in this situation. It’s been more than 13 years now that I am fighting against my demons and that I try to hide so hardly to the rest of the world my lack of confidence in myself. Right now, some of you must be thinking that I am just writing that because I seek attention. Well, just to be clear, those who actually thinks that should leave; you won’t find anything interesting here for you! 

Also, I hope this blog will help other readers that might have suffered, known someone that has suffered or even just will educate and prevent from eating disorder -anorexia and boulimia-, depression, anxiety and hypersensibility. Tabous subjects that need to be adressed and talked about. Because, we all know at least someone from our entourage that is affected by one of these troubles and we all know how hard it is to talk about these issues

“What doesn’t break you makes you stronger”

Yeap, sometimes we actually need to fall to be able to learn and grow up. I don’t have the pretention to say that my story and my experience will be the response to all your questions. I just want to believe -at least I can hope 🙂 – that it will help some of yous to start talking about it and that together we can try to get pass those hard situations and thoughts. Try to get pass it because yes, even though I am not at the hospital anymore and I have a “normal” life again, it doesn’t keep me from thinking about it everyday and fighting these demons every single minutes of my life… And I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. 

Why truthfullysarah?

Here, you will discover me without any artifice. Only the truth will be displayed 🙂

Truthfullysarah is an online outfit diary where you will discover me through my favourite street looks, my daily stories, my healthy recipes, my moodboard and my list of « bonnes adresses ». Here, I’ll try to accept myself and I hope you will do the same. I really want this blog to be a platform where we can all share our stories without being scared of the rest of the world. I want this blog to be free of any type of taboo; I want us to be able to talk about anything. 

Anyway, here, just the truth and only the truth will be posted!

I hope you will enjoy it and you will help me to make this blog alive !


Truthfully Yours, xx